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  • Allison Carden Hanes, Director/Producer

A gibbon monkey climbs the skinny branch of a tree below a canopy of green leaves.

About the Project

We go in pursuit of gibbon song, which has captivated poets, scientists and shamans for millennia across the dwindling rainforests of Asia. This feature length documentary is a creative meditation into how gibbons and soundscapes play a fundamental role in the persistence of rainforests, a vital resource for the continuation of humanity on this planet. From Mentawai to China, we blur the boundaries between the real and the surreal, folklore and science and transport participants within the sights and sounds of the rainforest to connect them across geography and time.

Many specialized wildlife filmmakers say gibbons are the most difficult animals to film because they live so high in the canopy and are swift-moving agile acrobats. One Health Productions (OHP) practices the collaborative multidisciplinary One Health approach stating that the health and wellness of all living things is interconnected therefore human, animal and environmental health are one and the same. Recent studies have confirmed that leaving biodiversity in the hands of locals and providing basic healthcare to communities protects forests. This is why OHP focuses on community-based initiatives that promote the long-term sustainable care of shared environments. Our first feature film, The Great Call, will be from an Indigenous perspective highlighting humanity's complex relationship with animals and nature. Using the gibbons’ song as our guide, we will transport viewers to the treetop canopies of Southeast Asia, home to some of the most spectacular landscapes and ancient human civilizations on planet Earth.