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Growing Up Broadway

  • Sam Sokolow, Director/Producer
  • Jeff Cooney, Director/Producer
  • Julia Fowler, Director/Producer
  • Craig MacGowan, Producer

About the Project

GROWING UP BROADWAY is a 6 one-hour episode documentary series produced for distribution on PBS that follows the organic competition between kids, and their moms, who are actively auditioning for Broadway shows, or who are currently in a Broadway show, and the effect these high stakes pursuits have on their childhood and their families.

The real drama in show business often doesn't take place on stage. Rather, it takes place backstage and in the real lives of the performers, who have trained their entire lives and are competing every moment to beat the odds and land their dream job. This drama is multiplied when the performer is a child who requires a parent to guide the journey every step of the way... GROWING UP BROADWAY tells these remarkable stories.