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My Body Your Soul

  • Nazanin Nematollahi, Director/Producer
  • Arash Maleki, Producer

About the Project

The film begins with the story of the sisters' transformational personal journey and the formation of their feminist ideology in Iran.
Baharak describes her approach to her nude self-portrait project and its expansion to taking a nude portrait with others.
We see the sisters during and after the actual photoshoots with the project volunteers while hearing the volunteers' stories about their bodies.
The film document the endeavor of the sisters in finding a book publisher for their photo series at the San Francisco Art Book Fair happening in July as well as curating an art gallery show.
The conclusion would be the nude project photo exhibition at a gallery in the Bay area, accompanied by a video art of volunteers' voices sharing their feelings and traumas about their own bodies.
The last scene remarkably conveys how this small community of different people formed a new family through art collaboration.