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  • Matthew Mishory, Director
  • Alvaro Fernandez, Producer
  • Brad Schlei, Producer
  • Rob Levine, Producer

Baseball player Lenny Dykstra leans against a wire fence. He is wearing a white jersey that says "Dykstra - 4"

About the Project

Lenny Dykstra, nicknamed "Nails" for his hustle and grit, approached the game of baseball and life with mythic intensity. Adapted from Dykstra’s NY Times bestselling memoir, NAILS is a Shakespearian tale that careens from the heights to the abyss, from World Series wins and Gulfstream jets to bankruptcy and a savage beating in federal prison. In this candid, pull-no-punches doc, Lenny finally tells his story in his own words -- and tries, one last time, to meaningfully reconcile with his estranged children.