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  • Stephen Polk, Director
  • Andrew Sugerman, Producer
  • David Antila, Producer
  • Helene Leeds, Producer

About the Project

The untold inspiring stories of parents and school boards, insiders and Educators struggling to navigate challenges and disrupt the status quo of School. With the unprecedented rise of drop outs, mental illnesses and school shootings, the School Stories participatory series explores the challenges of school communities, overwhelmed students, marginalized parents, and frustrated educators. Your support allows us to keep asking questions and raising awareness. How is it possible that Up to 75% of USA schools have access to 250 billion dollars or 12-15 times the budget but fall short of the academic outcomes and graduation standards reached by third world countries? Can students, parents and teachers, navigate entrenched Institutionalized bias and cronyism? Ideological agendas? intellectual bullying? What is the connection between ADHD and anxiety? Medications and suicide rates? Why have medical interventions replaced social emotional or academic interventions? School Stories explores our moral responsibility to improve to outcome of public schools and Universities, the support for the education, health, and well being of the generations who are suffering historical levels of stress related and chronic illnesses. Support goes to spotlight more thought leaders and problem solvers joining a movement to empower more school communities especially those in low income districts and counties. Helping our platform grow gives voice to the voiceless and calls people to action. School stories social impact provides a community the support it needs behind and in front the camera, a safe place to unite with whistle blowers, parents, teachers, and administrators, to work together to engage and uplift and to empower our demoralized, disillusioned and disenfranchised students who are dropping out of school more than ever before.