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  • Cynthia Riddle, Director/Producer

Bruce stands holding a drum before a forest.

About the Project

This film portrays an enormously talented person (Bruce Langhorne) who is met with physical, emotional and contextual obstacles that he overcomes to find himself, become more fully human and make an impact on the world.

It is a film about Love and Hate. Hate (and racism) is the shadow underbelly of America. And, it is finding greater expression these days. We are intending to be the antidote to racism and bigotry, to violence and hatred, by focusing on love and kindness. We are revisiting the music, the idealism and the sense of common purpose of the 1960's, a time for which many are nostalgic these days.

“I have fingers missing on my right hand, which is a mixed blessing because it meant I had to find things to play that didn’t rely on flash. That really helped me; it taught me the lesson that you’re only partially your body. There’s something inside, call it spirit, that transcends your vessel.  When you open to the path of love, whatever walks down that path for you, that’s spirit.” Bruce Langhorne