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  • Hala Gabriel, Director
  • Talal Jabari, Producer

About the Project

Stranded in tents and detention centers in Greece and Turkey, or in temporary housing throughout Europe are thousands of Palestinian refugees from Syria whose predicament started 70 years earlier with the expulsion of their parents and grandparents from Palestine.

The director, Hala Gabriel, herself a Palestinian refugee from Syria, embarks on a journey of exploration to meet relatives and former residents of her family's hometown Tantura, Palestine to discover why she, like them, is a refugee. She learns about the battle to take the village, the internment camps where her father (aged 15 at the time) and others found themselves for months, and the journey of being without a homeland which has transcended multiple generations to this day.

At a time when refugees throughout Europe and United States are being vilified and denied entry, this film shows that all they want is to return home or find a place they can call home.