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  • John Scheinfeld, Director
  • Kathleen Ermitage, Producer

A compilation of photos of diverse children and instructors smiling and working on crafts.

About the Project

At the heart of The Think Big Start Small Project are five dramatic, incredibly entertaining stories about U.S. kid-entrepreneurs as they learn how to start a business and experience the challenges and successes of earning, saving, spending and giving. They make something, a business, out of nothing.

The kids take a portion of their profits and make micro-loans—to entrepreneurs in developing countries (Ethiopia, India, Guatemala) and in the United States. The loan recipients, in turn, start their businesses, and so on. The film will “follow the money” to witness the effect it has on families and communities. We will dramatically demonstrate how individuals prevail, families strengthen, and communities survive and thrive as a result of entrepreneurship and microfinance.

If kids can make this happen…what can adults do?