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  • Dena Hysell-Cornejo, Director
  • Charlotte Lubert, Producer
  • Milena Warns, Producer

Unmuted Logo with female profile opening her mouth to speak

About the Project

UNMUTED, a 6 episode anthology docuseries, features women fighting to overcome tremendous obstacles and will inspire viewers to join their efforts to improve the lives of women across the globe.

Each episode will explore a different problem that explicitly harms women. Personal stories take center stage featuring survivors and advocates who tackle complex problems: child marriage, missing indigenous women, sex trafficking, acid attacks on women, youth mental health, and female genital mutilation. As difficult as these issues are, UNMUTED will uplift audiences with examples of women and their advocates making strides against adversity and will show how viewers can support women in their struggle for a better life.

We began by researching and seeking out Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) that take a non-traditional approach to these problems with proven results. Working with NGOs allows us to earn the trust of women who are brave enough to share their stories. By focusing on one issue per episode, we tell women’s stories in all their intricacies, explore in-depth the socio-cultural factors underlying the problems, and highlight solutions. A celebrity host guides the audience through the social issue's complexities and identifies ways viewers can act. Additionally, we introduce the audience to women affected by these issues in the USA to show that these issues affect females globally, even in our own backyard.