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Untitled Kansas City Barbecue Documentary

  • Martin Diggs, Director/Producer
  • Kevin Fossland, Producer
  • Julie Clark, Producer

About the Project

Ask any number of residents in the Kansas City metro area what the word "barbecue" means to them, and you will get a number of thoughts and ideas. It's a style of cooking with fire, a backyard gathering with friends and family, a ritual before a sporting event, a type of restaurant.

Kansas City is home to over 100 barbecue restaurants and the largest competitive barbecue organization in the world: the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Kansas Citians make their own rubs and sauces and even construct their own barbecue pits and grills. They haven't mastered the cooking of any one meat, but have mastered them all. Despite any number of definitions of the word "barbecue," there is one thing for certain: Kansas City is most certainly one of them.

This full-length documentary will take a comprehensive look at the culture of BBQ in what has been called the "barbecue capital of the world", delving into the history, methodology, competitions, restaurants, backyards, neighborhoods and parks of Kansas City that make up the rich and often whimsical lifestyle of cooking and eating slow-cooked meats.