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  • Joel Westbrook, Director
  • Stephanie T. Bradley, Director
  • Stephanie T. Bradley, Producer
  • Joel Westbrook, Producer

A man runs with a brown horse, holding it at the reins. They are outdoors and you can see the woods in the background

About the Project

Voilà is the story, or stories of three characters from disparate, but parallel, lives and what happens when their lives intersect with a fourth character. The three are discarded horses and the fourth is a compassionate horse trainer, Julien Beaugnon.
This hopeful documentary will follow 3 endangered horses who once were abused, neglected, suffered a career-ending injury, or perhaps were headed to slaughter. Julien will ascertain what abilities the horses have left, help build their trust and confidence then match them with new, safe productive lives like trail riding, therapy horses, possibly eventing and help them to make the transition.