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VP: Passion To Serve

  • Allan Johnson, Director
  • Executive Producer, Director
  • Al Edeker, Director
  • Executive Producer, Director
  • Craig Rice, Producer

About the Project

VP: Passion to Serve chronicles the changing role and importance of the office of the Vice Presidency as told through the eyes of those who have held the office. The office of the Vice Presidency of the United States began to change under the Carter administration in the mid-1970s. The complexity of world events and America's role in the world required an active vice president rather than the figurehead of the previous two centuries.

The events surrounding every administration confronted each Vice President with a unique set of problems, tasks, responsibilities and opportunities. Changes were made in the Vice President's role that allowed for a greater impact and service.

VP will explore these changes in an enlightening and engaging style creating a unique film experience. The film will feature insights from several recent Vice Presidents, key staff members and members of the general public who have a passion for the office. The film will utilize footage gathered from broadcast, cable and other sources provide an intimate view of the men themselves.