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Whose Land? O'odham Land!

  • Victoria Westover, Director
  • Mike Wilson (Tohono O’odham), Director
  • Susan Slonaker, Producer
  • Victoria Westover, Producer
  • Mike Wilson, Producer

An indigenous woman stands in the shadow of the US-Mexico Border Wall

About the Project

Whose Land? O'odham Land! explores the impact of the expansion of the U.S.– Mexico barrier through personal stories of Tohono O’odham and Hia-Ced O’odham in Southern Arizona (U.S.) and Sonora (Mexico). Through the creation of the border and construction of “the wall,” the U.S. has disrespected Indigenous culture, disrupted tribal life, and desecrated ancestral lands. As a form of protest and protection, some O’odham, such as Amber Ortega (above) are resisting these violations of tribal sovereignty, environmental protections, and human rights. In an effort to amplify their voices, this film documents their experiences defending their land and sacred sites, such as A’al Vaipia (Quitobaquito Springs). Though these narratives are regional and tied to recent events, they pulse with broader historical and cultural resonance. Our aim is to foster greater understanding of the complexities surrounding Indigenous sovereignty, religious freedom, stewardship, and other issues.