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January 11, 2018

IDA Conversation Series: Errol Morris

A philosopher, a detective, an ethicist, and a bit of a magician, Errol Morris is one of the most adventurous storytellers working in nonfiction cinema. His unforgettable, highly stylized films are driven as much by Morris’s own quirky passions as by the sweeping currents of American history. He’s the brains behind documentaries as timeless as "Gates of Heaven," "Vernon, Florida," "The Thin Blue Line," "Fast, Cheap and Out of Control," "The Fog of War," and “Tabloid.”

In “The Thin Blue Line,” he pioneered the use of documentary re-enactment. And with the invention of the Interrotron, he revolutionized the on-camera interview, reinventing the grammar of cinema. He is one of the few nonfiction filmmakers with a distinct, unmistakable visual stamp.

In addition to reflecting on his career, Morris will discuss his latest project, the Netflix original story “Wormwood,” which reconstructs the mysterious death of a Cold War army scientist involved in a dark scope of the CIA.

This memorable evening will offer intimate access to a true cinematic visionary and consummate intellectual whose work acknowledges that truth is a matter of style, approach, and intent.