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The Storyhunter team in their Brooklyn office, reviewing pitches from around the world. Courtesy of Storyhunter The Botanic Lab Bar on Manhattan's
From Borderland (Dir./Exec. Prod./Wtr.: Ivan O'Mahoney; Exec. Prod./Wtr.: Nial Fulton). Courtesy of Al Jazerra America On August 20, 2013, with a
'Korengal' opens May 30 in New York City through Goldcrest Films.
'Narco Cultura' opens in theaters November 22 through Cinedigm.
Alex Gibney's 'We Steal Secrets' opens in theaters May 24 through Focus World.
From Richard E. Robbins’ Girl Rising, which premieres in theaters through CNN Films In 2012, CNN became another player in the documentary field—a very
The new Drafthouse Films release The Ambassador tells the story of a foppish Danish gentleman who has quasi-legally purchased a diplomatic position to
SECTION 1: Julian When I began the lengthy process of reporting and directing my feature documentary, The Holly (2022), there were plenty of
In 2018, like many others in India, filmmaker Vinay Shukla stopped watching the news. Since the right-leaning Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came into