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IDA Enterprise Documentary Fund Grantee

When They Were Here is a documentary about the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls crisis on the Blackfeet Reservation in northern Montana
Untitled Policing Documentary is a film like no other, an explosive confessional told from behind the thin blue line, it examines police crime and the
Physics, geology, and democracy collide across the expansive American interior, in a series of vignettes from six candidate sites for a sacrificial
Can kindness, truth and hope for democracy emerge victorious in an epic battle with fear, lies and surrender to autocracy? Can light conquer darkness
A generation of California men endure decades of solitary confinement and, against all odds, launch a protest to regain their freedom.
The River is a vivid, character-driven film about Louisiana’s complicated relationship with the Mississippi River.
In 2015 the Kurdish guerrillas - both men and women - were praised as heroes by the world. They had fought against ISIS and won, but soon after, their
Life After interrogates the contradictory political ideologies surrounding death and disability while coalescing the missing voices of the disabled
40 YEARS after her arranged marriage as a child, Hawa is eager to finally begin an independent life and to be literate. However, with the return of
Confidential Project