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IDA Supported Artist Grant at Durban FilmMart

By Catalina Combs

Image: (left) director Saif Chida - headshot of person wearing blue shirt, black hair and beard, with green trees behind him. (right) producer Olfa Ben Achour of Cirta - headshot of a person wearing a white shirt with small black polka dots, think brown curly hair, with a white wall behind them.

(left) director Saif Chida, (right) producer Olfa Ben Achour of Cirta.

IDA proudly awards the IDA Supported Artist Grant to Cirta (Tunisia) – Producer Olfa Ben Achour and Director Saif Chida. With an authentic approach and creative construction, this cinematic film made us remember why we love physical exhibition spaces. Through the eyes of young boys, we relived the magic of cinema and the power of imagination.

This promising project will receive a $5000 cash prize, a yearlong Getting Real fellowship, and an IDA Doc Maker Membership at this year's Durban FilmMart.

Our honorable mention goes to Djeliya, Memory of Manding (Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Sénégal) – Producer Mamounata Nikièma and Director Boubacar Sangaré. This film captured the hearts of many of us on the selection committee. It has great potential in its layered concept, organic hybrid form, use of music, and camera style.