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Bay Area Media Arts Organizations

By Tom White

Besides the Ninth Street Independent Film Center, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to a number of other nonprofit media arts organizations. Here's a sampling:

Active Voice/San Francisco

Act Now Productions/Ironweed Film Club/The Video Project/San Francisco

Artists' Television Access/San Francisco

Bay Area Video Coalition/San Francisco

Berkeley Community Media

Bright Path Film and Video/San Rafael

California Film Institute/San Rafael

California Newsreel/Berkeley

Center for Educational Telecommunications/Berkeley

Center for Investigative Reporting/Berkeley

Citizen Film/San Francisco

Community Media Center/Palo Alto

East Bay Media Center/Berkeley

Independent Arts & Media/San Francisco

Independent Television Service (ITVS)/San Francisco

KQED-TV/San Francisco

Link TV/San Francisco

Pacific Film Archive/University of California at Berkeley

San Francisco Film Society

Women's Educational Media/San Francisco

The Working Group/Oakland

Compiled by Thomas White.

Sources: San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Directory. Thanks also to Gail Silva, Lily Ng and Margarita Landazuri for their suggestions.


Saul Zaentz Media Center/Berkeley

The Saul Zaentz Media Center has been home to some of the more prominent documentary makers in the Bay Area, as well as the Berkeley Digital Film Institute, the Ron Jacobs Screening Room and the Alan Splet Screening Room. This past January, commercial developer Wareham Development purchased the facility for $20 million, and is in the process of raising rents by as much as triple the market rate, according to a press release generated by the ad hoc Berkeley Independent Film Group. As Documentary was going to press, the group was in the process of appealing to the Berkeley Mayor and City Council to persuade Wareham Properties to negotiate collectively with the artists over rents or allow the group enough time to find new space elsewhere in Berkeley. A number of organizations in the area, including Film Arts Foundation, ITVS, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and the Mill Valley Film Festival, had sent letters of support.

Following is a partial list, courtesy of the Berkeley Independent Film Group, of films that were produced, in part or wholly, by tenants of the Saul Zaentz Media Center; the names of the tenants are in parentheses:

Across Time and Space (Katherine Golden, Ashley James)

Berkeley in the 60s (Mark Kitchell)

Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (Nancy Kates)

California and the American Dream (Jed Riffe)

Complaints of a Dutiful Daughter (Deborah Hoffman)

Daughter from Danang (Gail Dolgin, Vicente Franco)

Days of Waiting (Steven Okazaki)

Forever Activists (Judy Montell)

Freedom on my Mind (Connie Field, Marilyn Mumford)

The Good War and Those Who Refused to Fight It (Judy Ehrlich, Rick Tejeda-Flores)

Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple (Stanley Nelson)

Orozco: Man of Fire (Laurie Coyle, Rick Tejada-Flores)

Promises (Justine Shapiro, B.Z. Goldsmith, Carlos Bolado)

Race Is the Place (Rick Tejada-Flores, Ray Telles)

Ralph Ellison: Invisible Man (Avon Kirkland)

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow (Bill Jersey)

Roam Sweet Home (Vivian Kleiman)

Soul of Justice: Thelton Henderson's American Journey (Abby Ginzberg)

Straight from the Heart (Frances Reid)

Tell the Truth and Run (Rick Goldsmith)