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Getting Real '22 Fellowship

The inaugural Getting Real Fellowship program is designed to spotlight emerging and mid-career documentary professionals who have inspired visions that will benefit their communities and the field at large. 

Congratulations to the Getting Real ‘22 Fellows:

  • Emily Abi-Kheirs, Filmmaker services manager, Women Makes Movies – Boston, MA
  • Farid Ahmad, Filmmaker – Bangladesh
  • Taneisha Berg, Poet, Filmmaker, Writer – The Netherlands
  • Laura Bermúdez, Filmmaker, Film curator, Cultural activist – Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Koval Bhatia, Filmmaker, Producer – Goa, India
  • Malia Bruker, Filmmaker, Associate professor – Tallahassee, FL
  • Daniel Chien, Filmmaker – Carpinteria, CA
  • Pei-hua Chung, Programming coordinator – Taipei, Taiwan
  • Rodrigo Dorfman, Filmmaker, Writer, Activist, Multimedia producer – Durham, NC
  • Milton Guillén, Filmmaker, Programmer – Burlington, VE
  • Katelyn Liu, Programming manager – Charlotte, NC
  • Julie McElmurry, Filmmaker, Educator – Charlotte, NC
  • Valentin Noujaïm, Director – Paris, France
  • María Josefina Parra Acuña, Distribution director – Mexico City, Mexico
  • Arthur Pratt, Director – Freetown, Sierra Leone
  • Victor Ribeiro Guimarães, Film critic, Programmer, Professor – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • Jiayan "Jenny" Shi, Filmmaker – Chicago, IL
  • Winnie Wang, Programmer, Writer – Toronto, Canada
  • Xiaolu Wang, Documentary filmmaker, Curator, Translator  – Minneapolis, MN
  • Mostafa Youssef, Director, Producer – Cairo, Egypt

In addition to covering airfare, lodging, and registration, the IDA offers its Getting Real Fellows a communal path through the conference. Fellows will share meals, attend a celebratory reception, and participate in curated meetings with industry delegates. After the conference ends, Fellows will continue to convene for a yearlong, curated experience to deepen the connections formed at the conference and to further develop their understanding of interventions that will propel our field towards equity and sustainability.

Eligible industry professionals included but were not limited to non-profit arts administrators, publicists, sales agents, distributors, critics, and more.