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Queen of the West

  • Kathryn Zoeller, Director/Producer

About the Project

Dale Evans: Queen of the West and the wife of Roy Rogers: King of the Cowboys,
offers us the chance to experience the inspirational journey of an American icon as we follow Dale's path from precocious childhood, to eloping at 14, motherhood at 15 and divorce for the first of three times, at age 16, the same year she copyrighted her first song. In a time when women were not songwrters, divorcees or single mothers, Dale defied the odds and broke all the boundries. She nearly single-handedly brought the cause of disabled children into the mainstream of America after the death of her 2 year old down syndrome baby, with her first book "Angel Unaware" and went on to write 29 books that brought hope and inspiration to millions of people worldwide.