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This Is Where I Learned Not To Sleep

  • Anne de Mare, Director/Producer
  • Kirsten Kelly, Director/Producer
  • Andrew W. Schwertfeger; Executive Producers Cindy Waitt & Gavin de Becker, Producer

About the Project

Part quest for justice – part journey towards healing. Decorated Nashville cop Mark Wynn wrestles with his own violent childhood while working to reform decades of domestic violence mishandling, cover-ups, and abuse from deep within law enforcement.

“I lived with a monster. I know how this works.” Lt. Mark Wynn challenges fellow police officers to end generations of disregard and systemic failures around domestic violence. While training officers in rural Texas, Mark revisits his childhood home and wrestles with his family’s traumatic past. How was he able to break the cycle of violence that traps so many men?

With access to sensitive police trainings, the film explores the complex relationship between police and family violence. By revealing his own haunting childhood, Mark inspires communities - and especially men -- to stand up and reform the system to better help women and children. “Men create 98% of these crimes – it’s up to us to stop the violence.”

Bringing together the Producers, Filmmakers and Impact Producers from the award-winning documentaries The Homestretch, Audrey & Daisy, Private Violence and Bully, this project will launch Spring 2023. The film and impact team developing a national engagement campaign, working with partner organizations, advocates and law enforcement leaders.